Ken Simons: web designer, editor, and archivist


This site is based on the content managment system Textpattern, like many of my academic and professional sites (see, for example, Science for Peace).

GetSimple sites

Many of my playschool sites use a flat-text content management system called GetSimple. I like deploying it on simpler sites — three-to-six-pagers — as it lets users edit their own pages without running the risk of breaking the templates and layouts (though if you know what you are doing, it’s also pretty easy to soup up a basic GetSimple site into something quite stylish).

I was into tardigrades before they were cool.

(having briefly been a student of invertebrate zoology at the University of Victoria, 1973-74 academic year)

The background image on this website shows a colourized (and much enlarged) view of Hypsibius dujardini, a tardigrade.