Ken Simons: web designer, editor, and archivist

Civil Society and the Kosovo Crisis 1981-1999


Ken Simons, “Civil Society and the Kosovo Crisis, 1981-1999”. In Metta Spencer ed. The Lessons of Yugoslavia, New York: JAI/Elsevier 2000.

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Financial intervention


The politics of outside support for struggles against dictatorship.
From Peace Magazine Vol.18, No.3: Jul-Sep 2002.

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The strange journey of a piece of disinformation


The story was a fairly simple one: the allegation that the March 1988 poison gas attack in the Kurdish city of Halabja – which killed an estimated 4,500, mostly Kurdish civilians – was not the work of Iraq, but rather of its then-enemy Iran. The source: the CIA’s former senior policy analyst for Iraq, Stephen Pelletière.
From Peace Magazine Vol.19, No.2: Apr-Jun 2003.

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Lebanon's democratic culture shows its roots


The Lebanese, far from needing lessons on democracy and nonviolent change, are experienced at dealing with internal and external pressures on their social and political system. Both the anti-Syrian and pro-Syrian protests of March 2005 are part of a complex search for social peace in a troubled region.
From Peace Magazine Vol21, No.2: April-June 2005.

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Review: X-Static Fabric


From Peace Magazine Vol.23, No.1: Jan-Mar 2007.
Made by Noble Biomaterials, Scranton, PA. No retail price given.

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